About us

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About us

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Copenhagen and Scandinavia are well-known for their outstanding quality, design and innovation, that defines the values and principles behind Riedel Copenhagen – an upcoming fashion design and brand.

Riedel Copenhagen offers the most beautiful dresses and items, using only the best and most attractive materials and colors. Every single item is produced in an exclusive amount and limited edition. All items are handmade and designed by the talented, educated designer and certified tailor Maja Riedel.

Maja Riedel design every style by herself. She creates a world of beautiful, dresses, skirts and other styles with colors and exciting materials. – She is a girl who loves to wear dresses, clothes with colors and flowers. So, she love to combine these and bring them in to her own designs.

Maja Riedel is the talent behind Riedel Copenhagen. A young talent who offers several years of experience and knowledge of the industry – as a model and from tailoring for known designers like Mark Kenly Domino Tan and Stasia Couture

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Maja Riedel Pedersen Tailor


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